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Science Olympiad welcomes all former competitors, teachers, Event Supervisors, state and regional directors and parents to the newly-formed Science Olympiad Alumni Network! The Alumni Network will be a gathering place of new ideas, old stories and inspiration for anyone connected to Science Olympiad. We'll be posting "Where Are You Now?" photos and video from the Science Olympiad archives and looking for news on who started a business, got a patent, made a discovery, or received a career award. Over the past 33 years, Science Olympiad has touched the lives of millions of people, so reconnect, recharge and renew your passion for science. You can find us on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter. 

Share Your Story

Post on the Science Olympiad Alumni Network Facebook page or on Google+ and fill out an Alumni Survey to tell us how Science Olympiad shaped your life.


Fill out the Alumni Survey and send your information directly to the State Director in your area, or find your region on our State Websites page. Science Olympiad alumni are vital to the growth and longevity of the program!


Giving to Science Olympiad allows us to provide program services to our 48 state chapters, including professional development, scholarships, membership grants and special programs like the Urban Schools Initiative.


Corporate philanthropy and marketing programs are targeted to meet your organization's specific goals. Reach out to Jenny Kopach, Executive Director, for more info.

Alumni Quotes

"As a 5th grader, I became hooked on Science Olympiad thanks to creative events like Straw Towers and Mystery Powders.  As I look back on the eight years I participated, I marvel at how Science Olympiad magically made science cool in the eyes of ordinary teenagers.  The cheering support of dedicated parents and coaches and the competitive spirit of my friends played an integral part in nurtuting my love for science.  I now perform research at the GE Global Research Center and continue to enjoy seeing science make a difference in the world." - Dr. Jed Pack, Imaging Scientist, GE Global Research Center, New York

"Science Olympiad helped me develop my naturally inquisitive nature and it was a great team building and bonding experience." - Aimee Bierman, Attorney, Kirkpatrick & Lockhart Preston Gates Ellis LLP

"Science Olympiad really galvanized my pursuit of an engineering career and truly excited me about about becoming an inventor and creator of things." - Scott Cornelson, Design Engineer, Campbell Scientific Inc.

"In high school, Science Olympiad was an integral part of my growing love of science, engineering, and experimentation.  I never stopped enjoying the process of design and creation, both in reality and in the computer -- I now work on Google SketchUp and the 3D Warehouse." - Dr. Brian Brewington, Software Engineer, Google