Entomology - Div B

2014-10-26 19:43 The Official Insect List has a glaring error. The family listed for "scale insects-twig or leaf" is wrong. It should be Coccidae, not Dactylopiidae which is cochineal insects.

From the rules... "The taxonomic scheme is based upon the Audubon Insect and Spider Field Guide. Any arbitrations questions will defer to this resource as the correct answer. " and on p 512 cochineal bugs are labeled as Family Dactylopiidae. its not a perfect system, and no book I am aware of will resolve every issue that can arise with the fluidity of insect taxonomy.

2015-02-13 21:24 Can annotations include pictures; as in, can I tape pictures to the inside of the field guide?

No. Pictures cannot be taped into the field guide but they can be included in the allowable notes. Written notes would be considered annotations in the field guide.

2015-02-13 21:26 Are students allowed to use tabs in their Audubon books this year? Last year they were not allowed. Thank you.

Yes, students are allowed to bring one commercially published resource that may be annotated and tabbed (limit 3 words on tab).

2015-03-18 12:17 Can students highlight notes in the book that they are bringing in for competition - just clearing the definition of annotated.

Yes, highlighting notes in the book is allowed.

2015-04-22 19:36 Are annotations in the book allowed to be drawings done directly in the book and not taped in?

Yes, annotations my be drawings in the book. Nothing may be taped in the book.