Earth/Space Science

Dynamic Planet - Div B

2014-12-01 21:42 Do we need to know specific ocean ridges, currents, trenches, fault lines, boundaries, etc. for the competition?

No. The competition will emphasize the processes that create these and other phenomena.

Fossils - Div B

2015-02-13 21:30 Teams are allowed "one 3-ring binder.....The materials must be punched and inserted into the rings." During the competition, can materials be removed from the rings and the binder for easier access?

No- The last sentence states 'The materials must be punched and inserted (emphasis) into the rings (sheet protectors are allowed).

2015-02-13 21:34 Can students be asked to identify a species that is on the official list using a fossil that only represents a portion of the body of the species?

Yes, students could be asked to identify incomplete specimens. Samples requiring identification should show specific features making identification reasonable. A bone fragment would usually not be enough to make a solid identification, but a tooth or claw might be.


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