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2014-10-26 20:26 May teams be made up of only 2 students?

Yes, please see the official Rules Clarification. Teams may have up to 3 students.

2014-11-13 21:52 After reading, it was my understanding that the team members will rotate when a correct term is given. Is that correct?

No, the team members will rotate drawing when a correct term is given or a word is passed.

Experimental Design - Div B

Write It Do It - Div B

(section: 2 / paragraph: b / line: 6)

2015-02-10 21:46 Are underlines allowed to put emphasis on a word or phrase?

No, underlining is not something that can be done on a PC standard 101 key keyboard by pressing a single key or a single key in combination with the shift key.

(section: 2b / paragraph: 1 / line: 10, 20)

2015-05-08 12:07 Does use of a cartesian coordinate expression (x,y) or polar coordinate expression (distance from a point & angle reference) count as "code" if explained and defined properly according to normal mathematical context/use?

Use of cartesian coordinate expressions as you described would be acceptable.

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2014-11-25 21:05 While writing can words be crossed off or erased if a mistake is made?

Yes, strikethroughs may be used to identify text that is not part of the completed instructions. Even though technically not acceptable since it cannot be made on a standard typewriter, students are not expected to perfectly write instructions and if mistakes are made, strikethroughs would identify that the text is NOT part of the written instructions ...therefore wouldn't be docked in scoring.