Can't Judge a Powder

2015-02-13 20:04 Are graduated cylinders "similar small containers for mixing", or are they a piece of equipment that event supervisors are supposed to bring (per section that could incur the penalty noted in section 2 line 3?

Small graduated cylinders are permissible in the students kits. Event supervisors should not confiscate them.

2015-04-22 19:34 Can test tubes, beakers be pre-labeled?


Crime Busters

2014-10-27 20:11 May students bring one or two individual resource pages (not in a binder), as in past years? Are students allowed to remove resource pages from the binder to use while working during the competition?

Most event supervisors are going to go by the book, which means the two pages would need to be in a binder. There are no rules on the removal of the pages, but it might be best to ask the event supervisor if removal of the pages would be allowed.

2015-02-13 20:58 Are points deducted from scoring for misspelling? Are students expected to know Lewis structures?

Division B students are not responsible for Lewis structures in this event. It depends on how bad the misspelling is as to whether or not points are deducted. The team members must be able to spell and write clearly enough to be able to communicate their ideas to the event supervisor. If the spelling or writing is so bad that there can be no meeting of the minds, points will be lost. Event supervisors are supposed to grade what is written, not what they think the students meant.