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2014-12-01 21:38 In the specific stars/planets section is Fomalhaut talking about the star or the planet Fomalhaut B?

The rules refer to the entire Fomalhaut system (including both the star and planet).

2014-12-01 21:41 Are TW Hya and TW Hydrae the same thing? If so, which one should be used as an answer during competition?

Yes, they are the same object. Hence, it does not matter which response is given, as both are correct.

2015-02-13 19:28 When using formulas to obtain answers for questions, will the formula constants come from the formula sheet on the Science Olympiad website or will they come from elsewhere?

There is no official "formula sheet" for the Astronomy C event. I believe you are referring to the sheet on the website (, which was made by competitors, not event supervisors. However, there are helpful formulae and examples on the Coaches Manual CD. When grading numerical answers, supervisors always should accept a range of answers, usually plus or minus 10% of the value on the key. This guideline is shown on the sample tests at and A nominal range can be explicitly due to competitors having slightly different physical constants or tabulated values depending on their resource.

Dynamic Planet - Div C

Fossils - Div C

2015-02-13 21:30 Teams are allowed "one 3-ring binder.....The materials must be punched and inserted into the rings." During the competition, can materials be removed from the rings and the binder for easier access?

No- The last sentence states 'The materials must be punched and inserted (emphasis) into the rings (sheet protectors are allowed).

2015-02-13 21:34 Can students be asked to identify a species that is on the official list using a fossil that only represents a portion of the body of the species?

Yes, students could be asked to identify incomplete specimens. Samples requiring identification should show specific features making identification reasonable. A bone fragment would usually not be enough to make a solid identification, but a tooth or claw might be.

GeoLogic Mapping

2015-02-20 16:35 Does "compass" mean a directional compass or a mathematical compass?

"Compass" refers to the magnetic, directional compass.