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2016-02-15 18:46 Are teams allowed to use the webcam on their computer?

No. Webcams are not allowed during the competition.

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2016-01-14 22:19 Is additional storage allowed in the form of flash drives, sd cards, external hard drives, etc. along with computers?

Yes this is allowed.

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2016-02-09 20:29 The rules state that computers may be use as a source for information, so are tablets allowed to be used as replacements?

Yes, tablets are included in the classification of a "computer".

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2015-10-05 15:26 The rules delineate between "objects" and "systems." Can questions be asked about associated exoplanets or stars for the "objects" listed in this year's rules, or is it limited to only the listed "object."

Yes. Systems will have questions concerning the motions and properties of both the exoplanets and their stars. The exoplanets listed as objects will be dealt with as individual objects though there is the possibility of questions concerning the effects of the exoplanets on their parent stars.