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Air Trajectory

Wind Power - Div C

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2015-11-12 14:39 Is the CD that the blades are mounted to only held on to the generator by the detent balls on a CD player or can extra support be provided such as double sided adhesive tape to strengthen the joint?

Yes, as long as the tape is easily removable and does not impact other subsequent teams' testing.

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2015-11-12 14:35 Rules state that "Power generator general questions...."Does this refer to the general question of how electrical power is generated in each of these types of power plants or specifically to the generator itself?

Anything related to power generators in general is a valid question, which could include aspects of the power plants.

It's About Time


Protein Modeling

Chem Lab

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2015-11-12 13:10 Does Ti- inspire count as non-camera capability calculator?

Yes, the TI-Nspire does count as a non-camera capability calculator. It can be used in the Chem Lab SO competition.