Compound Machines

2014-10-27 20:39 For the first class lever component, does the total length of the bar have to be less than 40 cm or the individual sides from the fulcrum?

For the class 1 lever the load point to effort point measurements must be less than or equal to 40.0 cm. The size of the the fulcrum is irrelevant to this measurement.

2014-11-25 21:14 For class II lever would 40 cm be measured from the center of the fulcrum to the center of the load?

The 40 cm maximum length will be from the fulcrum connection to the effort point.

2015-02-13 20:13 How many significant figures or decimal spots should the ratios be rounded to?

Mass ratio answers should be entered to the number of significant digits allowed by the Event Supervisor.

2015-02-13 20:26 Does the ratio have to be simplified to a decimal value or are you allowed to leave it as a fractional value?

The ratio should be presented as a decimal value, unless otherwise authorized by the Event Supervisor.

2015-05-07 10:55 Must each mass fit inside the 15 x 15 x 20 cm box independently, or do all three masses have to fit within this box simultaneously? Will the dimensions of the masses for nationals be announced prior to the tournament?

Each mass must fit within the box individually. The dimensions are not required to be announced prior to the competition.