Technology & Engineering

Bridge Building - Div C

(section: 3 / paragraph: a / line: 2)

2016-02-27 09:53 Can the Test Support block be anywhere in the loading zone, for example, slightly behind the 35 cm line if necessary?

Per rule 5.b.ii. Teams may place the Test Support in one of the Bearing Zones, it does not need to be exactly on the 35 cm line.

(section: 3 / paragraph: e / sub-paragraph: N/A / line: N/A)

2015-10-29 14:14 Does this mean that the loading block shall be aligned with the centerline of the test base, or is it acceptable for the loading block location to be off to one side as long as it allows for the chain pass through the 20cmx20cm opening of the test?

The loading block is to be aligned with the centerline of the test base which would be the center of the Bridge span when it is placed on the Test Support on one side and the Bearing Zone of the Test Base on the other side.

(section: 3 / paragraph: f / line: 1)

2016-03-02 22:14 Is it legal to have felt marker markings on your bridge as a result of component mass recording and construction assistance lines?

Yes, this is allowed.

(section: 4 / paragraph: c / sub-paragraph: i / line: 1)

2015-10-29 14:24 Will the 5 by 5 block be secured to the testing apparatus?

No, the 2 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm block will not be secured to the Test Base.

(section: 5 / paragraph: b / sub-paragraph: i / line: 1)

2015-10-12 20:36 If the bridge is loaded not to failure of the bridge, but rather the test support falls over, how will the bridge be scored (will there be a second try) ?

If the test support falls over, loading will stop and the weight held at that time will be used to calculate the final score. There will not be a second try at testing the bridge.

Electric Vehicle

(section: 2 / paragraph: b,c,d / sub-paragraph: n/a / line: 4,6-11)

2016-03-02 22:20 Is it legal for one battery to provide all electrical energy to the motors, but another to power an aurdino, controlling an array of electronics, including motor shields and relays, switching main power on & off from the battery pack to the motors?


(section: 2 / paragraph: c,e / line: 1)

2016-03-02 21:50 Can a step up transformer be used to increase the voltage from 7.2v battery so that it will run a 12V motor?

Yes, this would be allowed.

(section: 2 / paragraph: d / line: 1)

2016-01-18 11:20 The rules state that additional energy storage devices may be used to operate other functions provided they don't help propel the vehicle. Would additional energy storage devices be allowed for a microprocessor (ex. Arduino) that controls the motor?

Batteries used for non-propulsion purposes would not count toward the maximum number of batteries in 2.c. Anything contributing to controlling the motor would be considered to be contributing to propulsion.

(section: 2 / paragraph: d / line: 2)

2015-11-12 14:15 Can the motor controls contain capacitors (energy storage devices) that are verifiably fully discharged at ready-to run ?

Yes, as long as the capacitors are discharged before the run and any electrical power in the capacitor after the discharge comes from the allowed batteries/cells, then they are allowed.

(section: 2 / paragraph: e / line: 2)

2015-11-12 20:58 The rules say any electronic components are allowed, does this include encoders?

Yes, encoders are allowed.

(section: 4 / line: para.4)

2015-11-12 14:26 Can the vehicle stop (not a "complete stop"), but then go backwards or forwards slowly to get the dowel on to the target point between 9 and 12 meters?


(section: 4 / paragraph: a / line: 2)

2016-01-18 11:12 May a computer be used as a tool?

Yes, provided the computer only connects to the vehicle between runs and not during the run, it is considered a tool.

(section: 4 / paragraph: h / line: 1)

2016-02-20 13:11 Are competitors allowed to walk behind target to instruct their partner in aiming their vehicle?

Yes, but they must be behind the start line during each run.

(section: 4 / paragraph: h / line: 19)

2015-10-09 18:37 Does the restriction on sighting, aiming, and guiding devices mean that we can't use a laser pointer to guide our device DURING THE RUN? (rather than, right before we start).

Yes, laser pointers are always to be controlled by human operators (see the general SO policy on lasers at ) and the vehicle must run autonomously, so laser pointers must not be used during a run.

Robot Arm

(section: 3 / line: 2)

2016-03-04 14:23 Can end effectors be controlled by a servo such as a claw or a mechnical grip?

Yes. Key to passive is that when detached the end effector may not move or perform functions on its own. In other words, you may not drop off a little car that moves around the field on its own to move an object. It also should not have its own stored source of energy.

(section: 7 / paragraph: b / line: 1)

2016-03-15 08:30 The rules state that each item must be "completely supported by the Goal Carton". If the item is in a detachable passive end effector in the goal carton, is it still scored?


2016-03-15 08:35 What is the definition of "fully supported by the Goal Cartons"?

Completely supported means that ultimately, the weight of the object is transferred to the playing field only by passing through the egg carton. So if an end effector, other object etc is itself fully supported by the carton, another object fully supported by one or more other object fully supported by the egg carton is considered supported by the egg carton even if it does not touch the egg carton. Note, if this interim object is supported by two egg cartons, any object supported by it is NOT fully supported by any one carton and would not be scored in a carton.

(section: 7 / paragraph: i / line: 1)

2016-03-15 09:11 Do the dice count towards the second tie breaker?

No. The items are defined in para 5d and do not include the dice. The dice are listed in para 5e and are not part of the items. Therefore the dice do NOT count towards the second tie breaker.

Wright Stuff

(section: 4 / paragraph: c / line: 1, 2)

2016-03-02 12:27 If the students are registering 2 gliders or planes, does each glider or plane need its own flight log?

No, each glider or plane does not require its own flight log. The purpose of a flight log is to keep a continuous record of all flights of the gliders or planes you have built and tested.