2015-02-10 21:09 Is it within the spirit of the event to just grab one object, move it to zone C and call 'science' quickly (say 5 seconds) to maximize the time score?

Yes, if a team moves one object and calls a stop by saying "science", based upon rule 6.c., it is not a violation of the rules nor is it a Spirit of the Rules violation.

2015-02-10 21:27 will LEGO Mindstorms (TM) EV3 robo-brick be allowed for the Robo-Cross?

There are no restrictions on which brand kit you use for robo-cross as long as all the rule requirements are met, particularly section 2 Construction Requirements. We cannot rule ahead of time whether your implementation of a particular kit or brand meets the requirements.

2015-02-10 21:40 Could you please give a scoring example of Robo-Cross with an example from Section 6 Paragraph b Sub-paragraph v.

The 2X bonus applies to ALL items of a given type if at least one item of that type is in each jug. Example, one ping pong ball in jug 1, one in jug 2 and two on the playfield in any zone. All four get the 2X bonus. Note, if a ball is in zone A or B two times zero is still zero of course.

2015-02-12 20:44 Must the robot always be in contact with the course (i.e. the robot has the capability to fly) at all times during the run?

No it doesn't have to stay in contact with the course, but if it flies it must do so in a safe manner.

2015-02-12 20:59 The diagram shows that there will be stacks of pennies. Will the pennies be glued together, rolled up with paper or separate?

The pennies will be loosely stacked and separate.

2015-02-20 16:39 What is the maximum object score possible?

456, no time points, no robot points, no penalties. All objects (pennies, legos, ping pong balls, tennis ball) in their maximum scoring position.

2015-03-13 21:18 If a jug is straddling zone D and C (on the quarter round) and all objects are clearly in D but part of the jug is above C, do the objects count as zone D or C?

Zone D. The score assigned to the Objects (6.b.i-iii) only depends on which zone the Object is in.