Bridge Building

(section: 3 / paragraph: a / line: 2)

2016-02-27 09:53 Can the Test Support block be anywhere in the loading zone, for example, slightly behind the 35 cm line if necessary?

Per rule 5.b.ii. Teams may place the Test Support in one of the Bearing Zones, it does not need to be exactly on the 35 cm line.

(section: 3 / paragraph: e / sub-paragraph: N/A / line: N/A)

2015-10-29 14:14 Does this mean that the loading block shall be aligned with the centerline of the test base, or is it acceptable for the loading block location to be off to one side as long as it allows for the chain pass through the 20cmx20cm opening of the test?

The loading block is to be aligned with the centerline of the test base which would be the center of the Bridge span when it is placed on the Test Support on one side and the Bearing Zone of the Test Base on the other side.

(section: 3 / paragraph: f / line: 1)

2016-03-02 22:14 Is it legal to have felt marker markings on your bridge as a result of component mass recording and construction assistance lines?

Yes, this is allowed.

(section: 4 / paragraph: c / sub-paragraph: i / line: 1)

2015-10-29 14:24 Will the 5 by 5 block be secured to the testing apparatus?

No, the 2 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm block will not be secured to the Test Base.

(section: 5 / paragraph: b / sub-paragraph: i / line: 1)

2015-10-12 20:36 If the bridge is loaded not to failure of the bridge, but rather the test support falls over, how will the bridge be scored (will there be a second try) ?

If the test support falls over, loading will stop and the weight held at that time will be used to calculate the final score. There will not be a second try at testing the bridge.