Can I use scales for measuring the Bridge and the sand that do not have a digital readout?

No, all measurement scales must have a digital display with the proper units and resolution. Teams that deviate from either the Scale requirement (Structure Scale and/or Sand Scale) will have Bridge ranked in Tier 2. Several affordable low-cost scales are available by Amazon that satisfy the minimum requirements for this event, but any scale meeting the rules and supplemental rules may be used. To clarify, scales with dial readouts, manual beam scales, balance scales, spring scales do not meet minimum requirements. • Example of Compliant Bridge Scale: Fusion Digital Pocket Scale that sells for about $10 - $14.00 that has a 200-gram range with a 0.01 gram resolution. • Example of Compliant Sand Scale: My Weigh Ultraship 55 Postal Scale that sells for about $43 that has a 25Kg range with a 0.001Kg (or 1 gram) resolution. – others can be found for $19.00 - $25.00 must have - Grams,  Digital readout, Minimum capacity – 40 lbs.