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The Science Olympiad Straw Towers activity engaged students and families during a neighborhood Science in the City event, where they were challenged to build the tallest structure capable of holding a tennis ball for three seconds.  More than 5,000 people and all 604 Chicago Public Schools participated in the Straw Tower Challenge in 2007.

The Elementary Science Olympiad (ESO) is the perfect complement to any K-6 science program. Support your normal classroom routine with an all-building Science Olympiad Fun Day, or bring in experts and parent volunteers to run a Science Olympiad Fun Night. If you want to develop a feeder program for your district's middle school Science Olympiad program, run a grades 3-6 competitive tournament, just like the older kids, and with many of the same events, just scaled down to size! 

NEW for 2015! Next Generation Science Standards, Math and English Language Arts Standards Alignment for 15 Elementary Science Olympiad events in the Club Lesson Plan binder. For excellent NEW materials to get an Elementary Science Olympiad program started, check out our Science Olympiad Store

The March 2015 issue of the National PTA Magazine contains a great article, "STEM: Use the Power of PTA to Make Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Part of Your Mission" featuring several Science Olympiad ideas.

Elementary Science Olympiad events take advantage of the natural curiosity of each child, and allow for in-depth hands-on experiences.  These programs are designed to utilize ordinary classroom and household supplies and materials, so your ESO event won't break the bank!  There are nearly 200 ESO events contained in the two Science Olympiad manuals currently for sale, so you can run programs for years out of the same guide.  

ESO content is so wide-ranging that we encourage use in places outside of school -- such as park districts, libraries, nature centers and bookstores.  Set up a Science Olympiad "Don't Bug Me" Day at the playground, catching insects and cataloging your finds.  Have parent architects and engineers explain structural science with a Straw Tower Challenge.  Or get a bunch of books about animals out at the library and host a big game of Science Olympiad concentration, matching stuffed animals to their scientific names or habitats.  Have fun with it!  We've even had requests to use our ESO content for birthday parties, and we say - go for it!  Science is everywhere, and young children are fascinated by the way things work.  Roll up your sleeves, crack open an ESO manual, and start planning!  

Elementary Medals and Trophies

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