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Event Supervisors

Below you'll find a variety of resources to help you act as an Event Supervisor at a Science Olympiad Invitational, Regional, State or National Tournament. For more information about your State Science Olympiad Organization, see our list of 49 State websites. All supervisors should be familiar with the Code of Ethics and General RulesScoring Policies and should review the Scoring Best Practices document.

Event Logistics Chart for 2016 - Essential information table with specs on room type needed, estimated hours of preparation time, minimum suggested supplies to run the event, the number of helpers neded and any comments from the National Rules Committee Chairs.

If you are an Event Supervisor for a Science Olympiad tournament, make sure you are working off the official event rules from the current year's manual - for the 2015-2016 competition year, you must use the new 2016 Division B and Division C Rules Manuals. You can ask your State Director for a PDF of the Event Rule you are supervising (do not post) or obtain a manual in the Science Olympiad Store. Science Olympiad does not post the Event Rules online or on any website, and if you see evidence of illegal posting, please report it.

The 2016 Science Olympiad Rules are available as apps for smart phones and tablets in the Google Play and iTunes Stores. Search for "SO Mobile B" and "SO Mobile C":

2016 Division B Events

2016 Division C Events

Each of the individual Science Olympiad event pages on this main Science Olympiad site contains Power Points, Training Handouts, Sample Score Sheets and other valuable free resources that you can use to understand each Science Olympiad event. Many event pages also contain links to Event Supervisor Guides, found here:

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Alignment for all 46 2016 Events

NEW! Mandatory Science Olympiad Eye Protection Policy Updated July 29, 2015

Using Data Collection Technology in Science Olympiad Events

Hydrogeology 2016: Event Supervisors should contact two weeks in advance of a tournament for sample tests for Part 1 and the Part 2 URLs or the paper version of the simulation. The extensive Event Guide for Hydrogeology on the Groundwater Foundation website gives detailed instructions about participating in and running the event. 

Score Sheets and Team Checklists posted for 2016 Tech/Engineering + Physics Events:

Anatomy & Physiology Division B & C Division Event Supervisor Guide for 2016

Astronomy Division C 2016 - new sample tests posted 2/8/16!

Bio-Process Lab B Event Supervisor Guide for 2016

Cell Biology C Event Supervisor Guide for 2016

Preparing Solutions for Science Olympiad Bio/Chem Events 2016

Disease Detectives Divisions B & C Event Supervisor Guide for 2016

Disease Detectives Division C ONLY - Tips for Supervisors about Statistics

Experimental Design Divisions B & C - 2015 Scoring Explanation

Green Generation Divisions B & C Event Supervisor Guide for 2016

Hydrogeology - Division C - Event Supervisors Guide

Invasive Species - Divisions B & C Event Supervisor Guide for 2016

It's About Time C 2015 Sound File

Protein Modeling C 2016 Letter for State Directors about Pre-Build and On-Site Models and Exams; how to request on-site materials - Event Supervisors Section on MSOE website

Reach for the Stars B 2016 Sample State-Level Test, Image Set and Answer Key

Webinars from NASA/Harvard's Chandra X-Ray Observatory