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Science Olympiad + FRINGE TV Show

Free downloadable Lesson Plans that mix "Fringe" science with Science Olympiad events were the centerpiece of a FOX Broadcasting public service and promotional campaign designed to raise awareness about STEM education. Blending elements of current "Fringe" episodes with relevant Science Olympiad Division C events like Disease Detectives, Forensics, Sounds of Music, Thermodynamics and Chem Lab, the weekly Lesson Plans were posted after each episode airs on the "Fringe" show website, the Science Olympiad website and on many FOX affiliate sites across the US. Check out our stories in TV Guide and NSTA Reports.  

  • Teachers and students in Grades 9-12 can use the plans in the classroom as special projects, tied into curriculum or as Friday brain teasers. 
  • Every plan will include learning objectives, online resources, a hands-on activity, discussion suggestions, extensions, episode scenes of relevance and National Science Standards Alignment.  
  • Click here for info and photos from a Fringe event at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles, CA - official press release here
  • See coverage of Anna Torv and John Noble from Fringe at ComicCon 2011 on July 23 in San Diego, California

Teacher comments:

"I have already started using the Lesson Plans with my team. The plans really help us prepare for the events covered, plus, Fringe is one of our favorite shows!" - Tom from Ohio

"The Lesson Plans contain wonderful procedures that will get students involved. Good cross-curricular connections and additional discussion topics!" - Sherry from Kansas

At the 2010 and 2011 Science Olympiad National Tournaments, FOX Broadcasting/"Fringe" awarded the two Gold Medal Winners of the Division C Forensics event $1,000 cash scholarships to the college of their choice!

J.J. Abrams, the producer of "Fringe," is the creative mind behind the shows "Lost" and "Alias" and the blockbuster movie "Star Trek."  He and his team of writers and producers used the FOX/Science Olympiad partnership to get more students interested in STEM careers and activities like Science Olympiad while also showcasing the fantastic science found in every "Fringe" episode (and everyday life).

"Fringe" has gone into reruns after five seasons. The show is geared toward audiences over the age of 14.