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New Ward's Science Olympiad Kits Arrive in September!

For all your science supplies and Science Olympiad needs

2016 Kits for new events will be available in September. Students, coaches and supervisors can prep smarter and faster for tournaments with a variety of exclusive practice kits designed to match Science Olympiad events. 2015 Competition Kits In Stock for events from last year's 2014-2015 Competition Season, great for discovery, classroom use or summer workshops: 

  • Bridge Building
  • Wright Stuff
  • Bottle Rocket
  • Protein Modeling
  • Fossils
  • Science Olympiad Coaches Kit
  • MagLev 
  • Circuit Lab 
  • Rocks & Minerals
  • Compound Machines
  • Shock Value
  • Elastic Launched Glider 
  • Can't Judge A Powder 
  • Boomilever
  • Helicopters 
  • Wheeled Vehicle
  • Scrambler 
  • Science Olympiad Chem Kit 
  • Crime Busters Lab Kit 
  • Crime Busters Chemical Kit 
  • Forensics Chemical Kit
  • Rotor Egg Drop
  • Chem Lab Chemical Kit 
  • Simple Machines
  • Mousetrap Vehicle
  • Towers
  • Food Science
  • Optics
  • Flight Supply Kits 
  • Structure Testers
  • and parts for events like Mission Possible, Robo-Cross and Bungee Drop

Rules Committee members and Science Olympiad directors worked with Ward's Science (formerly known as Science Kit) to develop kits that offer a one-stop-shopping solution to sourcing science materials for competition (original construction is up to you!). New kits and products will be added to reflect new Science Olympiad events each year, so if you have a suggestion, please reach out to Geof Smith of Ward's Science. Salespeople with direct Science Olympiad experience frequently host building workshops at NSTA Regional and National Conferences, so please make sure to attend! Ward's Science reps also travel to many Science Olympiad fall workshops across the US - check the Workshops page for updates.