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Students at the 2010 Science Olympiad National Tournament catch some sunshine while watching the Egg-O-Naut event.

If you're on the Science Olympiad site, you've already shown that you're interested enough in SO to look a little further. You're wondering -- what's Science Olympiad like? Listen to what kids your age have to say about Science Olympiad.

Rachel, a 10th grader from Michigan: "In a way, Science Olympiad has been what my life rotates around.  On Thursday afternoons, the only place you'll find me is Room D103.  I work outside of school even more than I work in school.  Come competition, I strive to do my best.  I've won 15 medals in six years.  At this past regional competition, I got all first places.  It was a natural high!  And I owe that to Science Olympiad.  Had I not joined with my best friend in 5th grade, I don't think I'd be striving to be something that requires such scientific ability."

Joel, an undergraduate studying biology and on his way to med school from Tennessee: "Science Olympiad got me interested in pursuing a career in science.  It also instilled in me a drive to succeed.  I consider it the most important and influential activity I participated in during my middle school and high school career."

Julia, a college freshman from Colorado: "I chose to study mechanical engineering because of Science Olympiad.  It was my most important and time-consuming extracurricular activity throughout high school.  I met a lot of my closest friends through the SO team.  It was a wonderful experience and my favorite part of high school!

Nick, a computer science major at Duke University: "Science Olympiad was the most thought-provoking, educational and fun experience I ever had.  It led me to the field of technology, and I won national medals in Compute This, Robot Ramble, Mission Possible and Disease Detectives.  I strongly encourage anyone interested in science to get involved."

Asia, a 9th grader from Georgia: "Science Olympiad helped me decide that I wanted a career in the medical field.  I loved Disease Detectives!"

Paige, a 7th grader from Indiana: "Science Olympiad helped me form new interests and gave me a head start in school by teaching me new material and giving me new study skills."

Rachel, a freshman biology major at Cornell University: "I am obsessed with Science Olympiad!  I've competed in tons of events like Forestry, Fossils, Chem Lab, Mission Possible, Forensics, Metric Mastery and Write It Do It.  Now that I'm in college, I still give advice to my high school team.  I hope to become a scientist and professor someday."

Look into joining Science Olympiad. Right now there are 7,600 teams across the United States, so just check out the State Websites to see if SO is active in your area. If you're wondering what SO is like, check out our Science Olympiad TV YouTube channel, school team web sites, Facebook and Twitter, and chat rooms talking about SO. Each year there are new Science Olympiad events that will challenge and inform. Give it a try and you'll get hooked!

Guidelines for Students with Disabilities in Science Olympiad (PDF)