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Trial Events

To submit a new event, please follow the process for revising or taking an event from a Concept to a Pilot to a Trial to an Event:

  1. If you have a great new idea to propose as a future event, first determine if an event has already been written or tried that could then be more easily revised rather than starting anew by reviewinw the Event History Chart, the current list of Event Descriptions and the Trial Events.
  2. The next next step is to write and format the Proposed Event Rule/Revision using the Rules Template. Remember to: Include author's name and email (and if possible, the date and tournament where the event will be run). Submit the Rule to the director that has agreed to host the Pilot.
  3. Pilot the Proposed Rule at one or more of the authoring host state's invitational, regional or state tournaments.
  4. After successfully piloting the proposed event, submit the Student Evaluations and Supervisors Evaluations and the formatted Rule to SO HQ who will determine in conjunction with the Content Chair/Committees if the event is a Promising Pilot that other states should be encouraged to Pilot (some sign up to run at the annual Leadership Meeting).
  5. After successful Pilots/Trials and Evaluations from two or more other states, Content Chair/Committees will recommend to the Board the best placement as a Featured Trial Event on one of the six Event Chart timelines.
  6. Committee Chairs submit Chart recommendation to the Board for consideration and approval.

To ask questions about a specific Trial Event or to find out which events will be held at your tournament, contact your Regional or State Director. To Submit a National (only) Trial Event Question, click on the FAQs page and please submit them under Trial Events.

Note: For the National Tournament the Trial or Open Events do NOT count for team points and ANY team (regular or alternate) member can participate ONCE in each Trial or Open Event.

Featured Trial Events 

Defined As: Trial events that have had successful trials and evaluations in two or more states and are planned to become an event

* Indicates the event ran at the 2016 Science Olympiad National Tournament

Promising Pilots 

Defined As: Piloted events that that have had successful pilots in at least one state

* Indicates the event ran at the 2016 Science Olympiad National Tournament

Proposed Rule/Revision 

Defined As: As a new event that has yet to be run at a tournament

Other Events

Can be used for fun open house events or part of the 23/30 tournament rule

Adventures in AG

America - Land of Parks

Aerial Scramble (2016 Indiana Version build on site)

Autonomous Robot (2014 Maryland Version - a SumoBots revision)

Bag of Bones

Beam Building

Biology Blitz

BioSphere (2014 Virginia Version)

Birds and Bees

Bottle Rockets (Horizontal)

Bouy Oh Bouy (2012 Version)

Break It On Down

Cache Me If You Can (also see Geocaching)

Can You Dig It

Car of Tomorrow

Catapult Gliders

Catch It

Chem Clue

Clean Water Challenge


Codes & Algorithms

Disaster Downstream

Endangered, Extinct, Exotic (2009 Version)


Energy Park


Flying Bird B/C

Geocaching (also see Cache Me If You Can)

Geocaching* (2016 Wisconsin Version)

Geo-Logic (2005 Version)

Get Your Bearing

Helicopter Egg Drop (2012 Version)

Hovercraft (2004 Florida Version)

Horizontal Bottle Rockets

Keep The Heat (2005 Version)

Keep The Heat (1994 Version)

Keep Your Cool (2005 Version)

Map It (2007 Version)

Marine Biology


Mining The Mind

Model This B

Model This C

Mystery Engineering

Nature Quest


Nuclear Science Lab

Oceanography B (2008 Version)

Oceanography C (2008 Version)

Out and Back

Polymer Detectives B

Quantum Quandary

Roller Coaster B/C (2018 Tech Committee Version)

Roller Coaster B/C (2013 Virginia Version)

Solar Power (2009 Version)

Solar Power (2013 Version)

Subterranean Puzzles

Sumo-Bots (2009 Version)

Sumo-Bots (2010 Version)


We've Got Your Number C

Wholey Moley

WindWatt (2008 Version)

Wright Stuff-Capacitor