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Where Are They Now?

Science Olympiad has collected data, memories and stories from hundreds of alumni who have participated in Science Olympiad since its inception in 1986. Please see the compilations below for quotes like this:

Ryan, a physics teacher in Pennsylvania: "Science Olympiad helped to fortify my love for science, and physics in particular.  It opened my eyes, as Feynman put it, to 'the pleasure of finding things out.' As I graduated and went on to college, my memories of Science Olympiad only solidified my decision to major in physics and to go into education.  I am currently an assistant Science Olympiad coach at my school, where I helped start the team in 2002.  Like so many others, Science Olympiad was one of the most meaningful and fun activities I participated in during high school.  It brought me a new perspective, lasting friendships and fun memories that my friends and I still talk about to this day."

Corinne from Michigan: "I first learned about reptiles and amphibians through Science Olympiad.  Now I am a Ph.D. student studying tropical amphibian conservation.  Right now I am writing to you from Panama City, Panama, where I am on a weekend hiatus from fieldwork in a national park to preserve the Panamanian Golden Frog.  I would tell anyone that Science Olympiad had a major impact on my career choice and turning me on to science.  It is a great program."

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