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Science Olympiad National Event Supervisors and State Directors develop the rules for the Science Olympiad Physics Rules Committee at the 2008 National Rules Meetings.

Thank you for making the experience of Science Olympiad possible for students across the US! We value your contributions and want to help make your volunteer jobs as fulfilling as possible. To enter the password-protected Director's area of the web site and download forms and other valuable information, as well as to participate in the Tournament/Event Survey, please enter the username and password given to you by your Science Olympiad State Director.



Tournament/Event Survey - To gather and publish feedback from Regional and State Tournament Directors on every Science Olympiad event, we created this easy-to-use, five-minute survey.  Results will be compiled and viewable, and will be used by the Science Olympiad Executive Board, the Advisory Committee and the national Rules Committee Chairs to evaluate rules for upcoming years. You can also upload Trial Events for submission and review by the above group.

State & Invitational/Regional Director's Information Forms - Online and Password Protected for 2017 - Please obtain a Password from your State Director

All State Directors must have a State Director's Info Form on file with the national office before the start of the competition year. Every Regional/Invitational Director also needs to fill out a Regional/Invitational Director's Form for each Division B and/or C tournament site - for 2016, these forms will be online and will auto-forward to your State Director and the national office. These forms are necessary to verify that each tournament director is eligible to order medals, use copyrighted resources and receive coverage under the Chapter/Club Umbrella Policy for Science Olympiad, Inc. This form should be filled out before requests for medals or insurance are sent, and each form is subject to approval.

Insurance Request Forms - Each host site for any sanctioned Division B and/or C Science Olympiad Invitational, Regional, State or National Tournament may fill out this form and request an insurance rider if needed by the host site (not always required). All requests for insurance must be preceded by an Invitational/Regional/State Tournament Director's form which is referenced above. Requests are cross-referenced against forms by our insurance company to verify that each site is sanctioned and approved by Science Olympiad. No virtual/cyber tournaments are permitted. 

Elementary Science Olympiad events and tournaments are generally school-sponsored activities and covered under the school's insurance policy.  Since there is no national membership fee for the Elementary Science Olympiad (ESO), Science Olympiad can only provide an insurance rider for state-sponsored Elementary Science Olympiad tournaments with prior written approval of both the state and national Science Olympiad. Requests for ESO coverage must be made one year in advance of the tournament date. Please call the national office at (630) 792-1251 to request this optional coverage.

Event Logistics Requirements - A helpful list for tournament personnel - update for the 2016 competition year.

US Olympic Committee Letter - Detailing the agreement between Science Olympiad and the USOC which enables us to use the name but not any graphics or images related to the Olympiad games such as flames, rings or torches. You must adhere to the requirements of the USOC letter, and must use the words "Science Olympiad" together at all times.

Scoring Guidelines and Score Counseling Form - Links to the page under Policies; explains how events are scored and provides a form for settling scoring disputes.

Form to Order Trophies and Medals - This macro-enabled form will allow you to order medals, and will calculate your totals and fees. Simply fill in, email and send payment. You can mail in payment, send a PO to the Science Olympiad office, or use the Store site to pay with a credit card. Look for the "Medals" line item to pay. Be sure to complete your online Regional or Invitational Director's Form before you order medals! NOTE: You do not need a password to order Invitational or Elementary Science Olympiad medals, simply click the link to this medals page and download the form.

Certificates - Find sample Certificates of Appreciation and Excellence here

Please see the online Science Olympiad Directors Manual for sample budgets, registration forms, event supervisor letters, arbitration overviews, funding and recruitment letters and media recommendations to help you plan and host an excellent Science Olympiad tournament or event.  

Sample Forms - For arbitration items such as cheating, constructed devices, interference and vandalism.

Branding Guidelines - Please review the appropriate use of the Science Olympiad name and mark in this handy manual.

Copyright Information - Basic copyright statements for all Science Olympiad resources as well as a Contributor Acknowledgement of Ownership of Rights.

Rotation Charts - These planning documents will help you see the future of Science Olympiad events in chart form.